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We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and youth with cerebral palsy until adulthood, including their families, through a comprehensive care model that promotes their maximum level of autonomy and inclusion in their environment.

2022 Vision

Be a reference in Mexico for the way we attend and perceive children, youth and adults with cerebral palsy and for the prevention, innovation and generation of knowledge to achieve a fairer and more inclusive society.


The story of
Nuevo Amanecer.

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Un matrimonio regiomontano buscó ayuda profesional en Monterrey para rehabilitar a su hijo con parálisis cerebral. No encontraron ningún lugar en donde se ofrecieran todas las terapias y atenciones que requiere un niño con esta discapacidad. Entonces, deciden iniciar el esfuerzo de apoyar integralmente a estos niños.

Así, nace el Nuevo Amanecer brindando atención a seis pacientes con tres terapistas y dos programas de atención. Ofreciéndoles terapia física y educación, con el objetivo de mejorar su calidad de vida y la de sus familias


Hoy en día y gracias al respaldo de nuestros donadores y a la comunidad en general, el Nuevo Amanecer ofrece 3 principales áreas de atención para alumnos: Médico-terapéutico, Educación y Desarrollo Humano. Estas áreas, junto con sus programas, brindan una atención integral a los alumnos con parálisis cerebral y a sus familias.

Contamos con alrededor de 130 empleados y la capacidad de atender hasta 500 niños y sus familias cada año.

  1. Board of Directors
  2. Quality Council
  3. Human Development Council
  4. Educational Council
  5. Sustainable Development Council
  6. Golf Committee
  7. Art Committiee
  8. Entrepreneurial Council
  9. Finance Committee
  10. Construction Committee
Consejo Administración
  • Colaboradores +


    Employees reaffirm their vocation for service and professionalism by reinventing themselves to continue fulfilling our mission.

  • Benefactores +


    Benefactors continue to be committed to the organization through their loyalty and generosity.

  • Voluntarios +


    Volunteers donate their time, talent and knowledge to benefit children and youth with cerebral palsy.

  • Jóvenes +


    Young people applied their knowledge for the benefit of their families by performing their community service and/or internships.

Awards and Certifications

We seek to be the best option for our students. The awards and certifications obtained have strengthened the institutionalism and professionalism of our work.

Proudly certified by:
Quality Policy

Providing children, youth and adults, including their families, with comprehensive care, promoting in the institution a culture of professional and human service, with the philosophy of continuous improvement, through specialized programs, teamwork of our staff, the support of benefactors and the community in general.


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Brindar un servicio de alta calidad con empleados que se distingan por su actitud de servicio a los demás, por trasmitir calidez a través de sus acciones y por tener una cultura de mejora continua y austeridad; donde cada uno de ellos fomente en todos los que integran la familia del Nuevo Amanecer el interés y compromiso hacia las personas con discapacidad.



Improve the student's quality of life and inclusion through specialized programs in the areas such as: health, education and human development.


Achieve that families become self-managers in the care and inclusion of their children to their environment, expanding their knowledge and strengthening their emotional capacities.


To develop professionals who are sensitive to the needs of others, decisive and capable of generating knowledge; motivated by the opportunities for development and by the personal and family well-being that their work provides them.


Involve the community in the daily work, promoting empathy and sensitivity towards people with disabilities, in order to achieve an inclusive philosophy.


Guarantee the financial strength of the operation, development and institutional permanence, based on trust in the results of our work, transparency and accountability, seeking sustainability through our services offered to others.


Maintain a multiplying model (of attention and strength) that allows us to share our knowledge.


Have strategic planning and quality systems that ensure the direction and operation of a model that is efficient in the use of resources and effective in its results.



We love the cause and enjoy what we do.


We recognize the potential of the people we serve.


The needs of the students guide our actions.


We respect the value and dignity of human beings.


We accompany and teach families.


We are honest and congruent in our daily lives.


We are transparent in what we do.


We are accountable for the use of resources.


We always seek a “yes”.


We work as a team for the common good.


We believe in the power of communication.


We share what we know.


We achieve what we promise.


We are grateful for any help we receive.

Annual Report

The annual report represents a summary of the work carried out in each of the areas that make up : Nuevo Amanecer.