In addition to offering medical, educational and human development services to our students, we seek to increase our impact through prevention, early detection, early intervention, the multiplication of the model and the constant exchange of knowledge and methodologies.

This effort has been carried out through these initiatives:


Integral Health Brigades: where professionals from Nuevo Amanecer share their knowledge and experience with the staff of municipal rehabilitation centers, thus bringing the methodology of care for people with disabilities closer to the community.

FRISA Fundación
Gobrierno municipal de García
Gobrierno municipal de Santa Catarina

From community
to community.

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Network for people with any disability in the municipality of San Pedro.
With this project we are able to ensure specialized attention in the municipality for any person with a disability that requires it.

We conducted the clinical study "Incidence of cerebral palsy and associated neurological morbidity in children in Nuevo Leon, Mexico" to find the incidence of cerebral palsy in children in Nuevo Leon along with Metropolitano Hospital , Materno Infantil Hospital and Universitario Hospital.

We discovered that in Nuevo Leon:

The incidence of cerebral palsy is 4.4 per 1000 births, almost 50% higher than the world average.

The American Academy for Cerebral Palsy reports an incidence of 3 per 1000 births.

With this data we can develop prevention strategies and public policy creating intersectoral alliances for timely detection and early intervention.


There is always a
Nuevo Amancer.

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In the past years we have focused on creating high quality spaces in accordance with the new international methodologies that we have adapted to our care model in order to continue sharing it. This has required an investment of more than 140 million mexican pesos.

Thanks to more than 110 benefactors, we are currently operating in the new educational, psychomotor, early care, physical and occupational therapy, art workshop and Imagina workshop areas. In addition, we are about to conclude the medical and training areas.

Estamos por iniciar la tercera etapa que incluye la remodelación del Centro de Atención Postural, desarrollo humano, trabajo social y recepción.